BL’s latest affordable Bluetooth speakers are waterproof and charge via USB-C


Subtle improvements along with a wider assortment of colors

JBL has announced new Clip 4 and Go 3 miniature Bluetooth speakers. Both have gotten a visual makeover from their predecessors, with a streamlined design and a few new colors available. The Go 3 will launch first in October for $39.95. The Clip 4 will follow in December for $69.95.

In terms of improvements, both speakers support Bluetooth 5.1 and have IP67 water and dustproofing. And instead of charging via Micro USB, which can be inconvenient, they feature a USB-C port. JBL claims the Go 3 will provide up to five hours of sound before needing to be recharged, while the Clip 4 can apparently provide 10 hours. Neither of those figures strays from the performance claims of the previous iterations.

Something that the Clip 4 and Go 3 have in common is their ability to be clipped or fastened to objects, making them more versatile than most Bluetooth speakers. This is nothing new for the Clip-branded speaker, and its latest version can still snap onto your belt, a bag, or anywhere else its carabiner can fasten. But the Go 3’s small loop is a new perk that should make it easier to hold or fasten to a bag. JBL is offering a range of colors for both models, like red, gray, blue, and black, and divisive colorways like camouflage.

If you want something much, much bigger with up to 15 hours of battery life, the new JBL Xtreme 3 has also gotten the upgrade to USB-C charging and IP67 waterproofing. It also has improved driver performance according to JBL, and it can charge a second device, like your phone, with its built-in battery. The Xtreme 3 will cost $349.95 when it launches in November.